Sensorial Pinnetas


Sensorial Pinnetas

An exclusive glamping accommodation with a panoramic view of the greenery, the valley and the sea on the horizon.

Eco from Greek οίκος, “home”: the link between beings and the environment is caring for the place where you live, a sensitivity to the balance of the Earth in which everything is connected

Luxury from Latin luxus, “magnificence”, “splendor”: iterally comes from an exuberance of vegetation, which leads to abundance of delicious things

Ecoluxury means to bring wonder in our lives, trying to preserve the balance of nature. If you believe that sustainability can rhyme with beauty and comfort, you’ve come to the right place: the new responsible tourism is luxurious but environmentally friendly. To manage our natural resources with intelligence and devotion is not only possible but needful for the preservation of the planet.

Surrounded by nature, this guesthouse has the architecture of a quatrefoil nuraghe dolmen. Four circular stone-bedrooms (pinnettas) within which there is a sensory path with aromatherapy and colortherapy. The Mediterranean vegetation surrounds this little boutique hotel and you can sit in the shade of century-old olive trees in front of a breathtaking sea view, which stretches to the horizon. We are on the northeast coast of Sardinia: true ecoluxury is this refined ecoresort, open all year.

Moments of intimacy and solitude for meditation or reading in different intact corners of the land, surrounded by nature through paths bordered with fragrant endemic herbs


  • Nature trails
  • Training on rural activities
  • Educational activities
  • Conferences
  • Cultural events


On request we organize for our guests:


• Sessions with specialized massage assistants, meditation and yoga sessions outdoors
• Naturopathic consulting, herbal and nutrition education, Bach Flower, Chakra Balancing, ReflexologyFeldenkrais
• Guided tour at the Posada Castle, kayaking and birdwatching at the Tepilora River Park
• One-day coast cruise in the Gulf of Orosei and its caves

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