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Just a few kilometers from Venice are these elegant suites with breathtaking views of the fields surrounding the Glamping

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Glambnb offers you the possibility of an exciting holiday, far from the usual stereotypes and in close contact with nature, on a series of picturesque terraced gardens sloping down towards the sea, from which you can enjoy a superb view of the Amalfi Coast. An alternative way to switch off from hectic everyday life and rediscover the pleasure of falling asleep in the cool, under a starry sky, listening to the sound of the waves. Location suitable for anyone who wants to live an unforgettable experience, in direct contact with nature.

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The tree house is a romantic room immersed in Scotch pines and evergreen olive trees. It offers a double bedroom, a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower and a terrace overlooking the Tuscan landscape. In the winter months the wood-burning fireplace makes the house unforgettable, while in the summer months the air conditioner keeps the temperature cool.

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